AV Solution

Most of us had to adapt to working from home during the pandemic and many business have continued to do so, looking at homeworking full time or hybrid working. 

A lot of us remember the novelty of virtual meetings and the fails that came along with it (Zoom Bingo and the amount of times we said “you’re still on mute!”) but unreliable equipment and connection just doesn’t cut it.

We can’t help with keeping the kids busy while you work but we can ensure that your business has reliable and easy to use equipment allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Virtual meetings have been happening long before the pandemic. Many businesses held conference or video calls and conducted presentations globally.

So whether you are still finding your feet with AV systems or you have been participating in virtual meetings for a while, there is a perfect option for you from Evolution Network Solutions Ltd.

How do I get the best AV Solutions that’s right for my company?

That’s easy, contact one of the team at Evolution Network Services Ltd and we can work together to decide the right solution for your business.

There’s a variety of options and as one of the South West’s most established Data and IT Telecommunications companies, we are dedicated to