Wireless Network Installations

Are you on the lookout for a fast and efficient wireless solution?

Having a secure and properly configured wireless network is essential for any business. Evolution Network Services Ltd, can design and install wireless networks for residential and commercial buildings (from small and large offices, to retail stores and hotels, etc.). To provide high-performance and cost-effective, low latency WiFi, we are dedicated to offering top-notch solutions that can help ensure the success and day to day running of your buisness.  

From design to installation, testing to optimizing, we aim to keep our customers and their staff happy and satisfied, by providing a customised WiFi solution that can optimize a new or existing network infrastructure. 

If you face slow performance or speed, black spots, or dropouts, we will can inspect and report in detail on the status of your wireless network with an Ekahau WiFi survey. 

So, why wait further? Get the BEST wireless network installation services at Evolution Networks.

Why Choose Us for Wireless Network Services?

The following are a few perks of choosing Evolution Networks for wireless network services: 

  • Customized network solutions to meet your network requirements 
  • A complete site survey to install wireless access points 
  • Scalable pricing structure 
  • Quality solutions as per industry standards 
  • Centralization and reliability 
  • Placing wireless network enclosures 
  • Wireless network deployment and management for LAN, WAN, or WLAN 

Want to install or manage wireless networks in remote branches? No worries as we provide network installation services throughout the UK.  

Looking for a help with your Wifi Network?

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